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In English

Sahan-seura ry is a registered non-profit organization which acts in the field of social and healthcare. Its purpose is to promote youngsters’ and families’ active citizenship, social empowerment and preparedness to operate in a multicultural Finland. Our organization has worked toward a better tomorrow for 21 years and it has a total of over 300 members. We collaborate closely with public and third sector in order to support the well-being and integration of immigrants.

Our large and spacious activity centre is located in Myyrmäki, Western Vantaa. We arrange and execute many kinds of educational and recreational activities, seminars, events and holiday activities such as summer camps, which all advance participation and social cohesion. Between 2021-2024 we focus especially on working for the well-being, participation and integration of immigrant women, via the project Hyvinvoivat maahanmuuttajanaiset (HyNa), which is funded by STEA. We also take part in carrying out the projects Tsempataan and Tsempataan töihin. Tsempataan-project promotes the well-being and participation of immigrants at large, while Tsempataan töihin -project focuses specifically on the employment and education of immigrants.

In all that we do, we foster equality, tolerance and non-discrimination – our activities are open to everyone regardless of age, gender, skin colour, religion or ethnic background. As an organization, one of our most important purposes is also to promote two-way integration. As the somali language word sahan in our organization’s name indicates, we aim to be pioneers in building a more and more.

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